The Story



Corbin Paris is a line of French fur, specializing in outerwear and accessories. Working with artisans in Paris to create an entirely handmade, prêt-à-porter product, Corbin Paris combines old world technique with a fresh and contemporary aesthetic; all in limited quantities in exclusively European furs and skins, meeting the European Union’s norms and regulations for fur standards.

The Corbin Paris woman is confident and independent with an appreciation for quality with unfussed elegance. Corbin Paris’ latest collection is primarily made from a variety of sheepskin, as well as select items in Orylag, mink and lynx —tributes to furs from previous collections.

Bridgitte’s aunt and mother wearing rabbit fur coats made by her French grandmother, Normandy, circa 1946.
Bridgitte, the designer

Bridgitte Dempsey’s personal style reflects her preference for classic staples mixed with striking accessories.

Dividing her time in both Paris and the Norman countryside and by exploring new cultures, many of Corbin’s signature garments are named for the friends and memorable characters she has met during her adventures.

Bridgitte studied technical drawing at Central St Martin’s school in London before launching her line of fur & skins, which she named Corbin, her grandmother’s maiden name.

A know-how transmitted from generation to generation

Bridgitte Dempsey first fell in love with fur when she discovered the fur coats and hats made by her French Grandmother, Marie-Antoinette in the 1940s. The timelessness and permanence of fur aligns with Bridgitte’s affinity for slow fashion—
high quality garments that endure for a lifetime, and through generations.